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Do you learn better 1:1? Book a private mentoring session with Twyla that focuses on editing, creating presets that you will love, learning Lightroom Classic, finding your editing style and more! 

Embracing the Storm

Embrace the Light(room) Within

This course shall cleanse your spirit of photographic mediocrity, freeing you to channel the celestial powers of Lightroom Classic. Together, we shall ascend to higher realms of creative expression, guided by our collective love for the art and the cosmic wisdom I have been chosen to bestow upon you.

📚 The Sacred Teachings: 📚

  • Embracing the divine Lightroom Classic interface and workflow, as revealed by the cosmic forces
  • Importing and organizing your photos with the precision of a master of sacred geometry
  • Unlocking the ancient secrets of basic to advanced editing techniques, infused with the power of the universe
  • Creating presets that capture the essence of dramatic skies, bold colors, and beautiful skin tones
  • Exporting and sharing your work as an offering to the cosmic collective.

🌙 Course Perks & Divine Gifts: 🌙

Embark on Your Journey! 

All course content goes live June 15th, 2023! Keep an eye on your inbox for an invitation to the content launch party! 

What People Are Saying:

I cant believe how much info there is in even one video of the course!

Gemma Crockery

This is the best course I’ve ever purchased. My editing improved over night

Michelle Gallagher

I have never had the confidence nor knowledge to edit my own photos from start to finish by hand. I have spent hundreds on presets. This course has changed the way that I view Lightroom

Shyan Patrice